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uBiome, Inc.

Microbiome testing firm uBiome filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2019.

It was originally looking for a buyer to take over its assets, save jobs, and keep parts of the core business running but then decided to close down.

uBiome offered tests examining the vaginal microbiome for sexually transmitted diseases and bacterial infections and the gut microbiome for metabolic disorders.

The company's downward spiral entered the public spotlight in late April 2019: FBI agents raided uBiome's San Francisco headquarters, confiscating computers and documents, as part of a probe into its billing practices and potential financial connections to prescribing physicians. The search brought to a head parallel inquiries by insurance companies, California state regulators and other law enforcement agencies.

In its bankruptcy filing, submitted in Delaware, refund claims from insurance giants top the company's list of largest, outstanding creditors.

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