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Insolvency & Restructuring

At GMCO, a significant part of our practice is the area of insolvency and restructuring. We have over eighty years combined experience and served in over 1,300 bankruptcy cases. Our firm is highly regarded by trustees and prominent law firms throughout the country for our exceptional work and service in this specialty area. Our team possesses the expertise and experience to provide vital guidance to the various parties in the bankruptcy process.

Our turnaround services include advising corporate management during the most critical times. We will step in to assist management during this time to effectively manage transition. GMCO will assist with out-of-court settlements and refinancing.

We will effectively guide your company toward the proper solution. Click on the following links for in-depth information about our professional services:

  • Bankruptcy

    GMCO handles all accounting and financial consulting aspects of a bankruptcy...   Learn More 

  • Benefit Plan Administration 

    Dana Roach at GMCO administers and terminates employee retirement plans sponsored by companies that have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy...  Learn More 

  • Preference Analyses

    GMCO has over two decades of extensive experience preparing preference analyses for bankruptcy trustees and liquidating trusts...  Learn More 

  • Turnaround Advisory Services

    Our professional staff consists of former CFO’s and financial managers who have a wealth of experience, provide hands on advice, and work directly with management...  Learn More 

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