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Turnaround Advisory Services

GMCO offers turnaround service to assist struggling companies. Our approach to turnaround advisory services is to quickly assess key negative financial pressure points and market conditions, and then follow-up with strategic insight to ensure a company’s survival. Prior sample clients include supermarkets, construction companies, printers, and book publishers.

Our professional staff consists of former CFO’s and financial managers who have a wealth of experience, provide hands on advice, and work directly with management. We directly communicate our findings with management throughout the entire process.

In critical situations, we strive to stabilize operations first. We analyze your operations, markets, and financial structure to develop a plan for your company’s turnaround. Specific services we offer are as follows:

  • Analyze asset values for debt collateral or liquidation
  • Assess market conditions and competition
  • Assist with managing the business on an interim basis
  • Consider outsourcing options
  • Discuss options if turnaround is not feasible
  • Evaluate immediate cash requirements and sources for funding
  • Meet and negotiate with lenders and creditors
  • Prepare cash budgets
  • Prepare for bankruptcy
  • Recommend cost savings options in labor, materials, and overhead
  • Review existing leases and loans and make recommendations
  • Review the business operations and processes

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