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Litigation Services

GMCO has provided litigation support services to attorneys in a wide variety of matters including damages and causation, contract disputes, business interruption, insurance claims, shareholder oppression, accountants’ liability, valuations, and bankruptcy related matters.

As bankruptcy experts and accountants, GMCO has been engaged to provide litigation services relating to proof of claims, preferences, fraudulent conveyances, solvency, substantive consolidation, and directors’ and officers’ duties, and valuation. As a litigation expert, Alfred Giuliano has successfully testified several times with respect to damages, solvency, business valuation, and causation. He has frequently testified in bankruptcy court matters.

Our experience in contract dispute cases and transaction analysis covers includes employment termination, executive compensation issues, and purchase or sale transactions. Additionally, our firm offers expert advice in contract disputes that arise during the normal course of business.

We provide oral and written testimony as fact and expert witnesses. Our expert reports have been described as well-written, persuasive, and clear. We present complex financial data in our reports and exhibits so that it can be understood by the non-financial professional. GMCO will work diligently from the initial investigation to the trial. We methodically research the key aspects in each case in order to be thoroughly prepared for deposition or testimony. Our team will interpret all available data to arrive at an objective conclusion that is thorough and defendable in court.

Our notable litigation cases are listed below:

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