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Fraud & Forensic Investigation

GMCO’s forensic accountants are Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified in Financial Forensics. In addition to formal training, our team members draw from the depth of their prior experience in auditing and internal fraud reporting when conducting fraud and forensic investigations. We excel at extracting and gathering data, then analyzing and interpreting the data for patterns and conclusions. We understand the litigation process and work effectively with attorneys. Our results are presented in a professional written format and through expert testimony at depositions, hearings, or trial. Throughout the process, we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.

Our team has handled several fraud investigation cases, including multi-million dollar disputes. GMCO were the accountants to the Chapter 7 Trustee of Tri-State Armored Services, Inc., an armored car company with over $50 million in claims for missing funds of financial institutions. Our role was to preserve the chain of custody and assist in the recovery of $19 million in cash. Alfred T. Giuliano was later appointed as a fact witness and expert in the estate’s case against the insurance carrier. Also, GMCO was appointed in the Macrophage Inc. case wherein $9 million was stolen in a Ponzi scheme. Donna Miller testified as an expert in this matter. Recently, GMCO investigated a start-up company running a securities scam in which $14 million was misappropriated.

As bankruptcy experts, we know how to conduct asset searches. We have been successful in recovering millions of dollars for bankrupt estates due to fraudulent transfers that we identified and documented. We have been hired to investigate improper acts by corporate officers and negligence on the part of accountants. Member Alfred Giuliano was the former vice-chairperson on the Supreme Court of New Jersey Lawyers Fund for Client Protection that reviewed cases of abuses by attorneys. He has been a frequent speaker on fraud and forensic investigations.

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