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GMCO handles all accounting and financial consulting aspects of a bankruptcy. Over the past two decades, our firm has been appointed by bankruptcy courts in several jurisdictions, including Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

We have represented various parties including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 trustees, liquidating trustees, debtors, unsecured creditors’ committees, and other committees. The size and complexity of these cases range from individual Chapter 7 cases to complex Chapter 11 cases.

Founding member Alfred T. Giuliano provides exceptional perspective from his experience as a Chapter 7 Panel Trustee in Delaware where he has been serving since 2002. In addition, Mr. Giuliano has been appointed numerous times as an examiner, receiver, and liquidating trustee which offers GMCO unparalleled knowledge in the bankruptcy field.

GMCO has a high percentage of staff members that are certified insolvency and restructuring advisors and certified in distress business valuation. These certifications require advanced knowledge and experience in the field.

A sample of our bankruptcy services include:

  • Analyze plan and disclosure statements
  • Assistance with bankruptcy schedules
  • Assist with going out of business sales
  • Break-even analysis
  • Business valuation
  • Claims review
  • Collateral valuation
  • Data extinction
  • Debt restructuring and negotiations
  • Expert testimony
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Insolvency analysis
  • Liquidation valuation
  • Prepare cash budgets and analyze cash collateral
  • Prepare monthly operating reports
  • Prepare payroll reports and W-2s
  • Review for fraudulent transfers
  • Review NOLs and tax attributes
  • Search for hidden unreported assets
  • Site visits
  • Support for 2004 examinations
  • Tax return preparation

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