Christopher J.Tigani

Christopher J. Tigani, a liquor distributor executive in Wilmington DE, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on June 8, 2010, which later converted to Chapter 7 on November 29, 2010. At the time of the filing, Mr. Tigani disclosed assets totaling approximately $42 million, primarily comprised of a real property, including 53% ownership interest in NKS Distributors, Inc.


Assets of Mr. Tigani include personal residence at 1111 Berkeley Road, in Wilmington DE, which he estimated were valued at $5,950,000. Significant judgments were granted against this property, that significantly exceeded the potential recovery. This property was eventually abandoned.


Mr. Tigani was also the sole owner of My Pal, LLC, which owned a warehouse building in New Castle, DE. The Trustee filed a motion to have the warehouse included as property of the bankruptcy estate. An order extending the proceedings to the warehouse was entered. The Trustee then negotiated a sale of the building while also resolving pending litigation with NKS. Total proceeds from the sale of property were $12,166,440.87.

The Trustee's Final Report has been filed.

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